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Find Your Wedding Inspiration | Greensboro NC Wedding Planner


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 You’re a bride and you’ve got this wedding planning thing down. You have made a color coded guest list, created a itemized spread sheet for your budget, booked some awesome vendors, and worked through a lot of day-of logistics.  You are one organized wedding planning machine.  But there is one element that you just can’t wrap your brain around: design.  You don’t know how to pick a linen or discuss your centerpieces.  All the resources out there seem overwhelming so you avoid the situation.  Well, avoid no more.  I’ve got five easy tips to help find YOUR wedding inspiration:

1. Wedding Blogs: In my opinion, blogs are hands down the best resource for wedding inspiration.  Don’t know where to begin? Start with some of my other favorites: Style Me Pretty or Every Last Detail.  Not only will you find some design inspiration, but also great wedding advice from vendors and brides alike.

2. Bridal Magazines:  I think the first thing most newly engaged gals do (other than scream with joy and call their mamas) is buy bridal magazines.  I keep a healthy stock in the office and love to pull one during a consult to get a feel for a bride’s style.  Some of my favorite wedding mags are: Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, and Southern Weddings.

3. Pinterest: Pinterest is a fantastic resource! All those wedding blogs I just mentioned? Did you think, “How the heck should I remember, organize, and/or save what I like from these sites?” Fear no more.. that’s what Pinterest is for!  Read up on how it works here and then follow me!

4. Everyday Life: Don’t have time for the internet or magazines?  Look around you for easy inspiration!  By looking at your closet, your favorites stores, and your home, you’ll get a sense of what you already like.. even if you didn’t realize it before.  If your house is full of vintage accents, work with that!  If you think your two best friends (and bridesmaids) look great in pink, roll with it.  Sometimes the answers to your design dilemma are right in front of you.

5. People: Make a list all about YOU.. food you love, favorite movies and music, nicknames, habits, your job.. anything you can think of.  Next, have your fiance do the same thing.  Trade off and read each others answers for a good laugh then do the same project again.. but as a couple.  You’ll see that y’all drink Cheerwine with every meal.  Translate that into glass bottles of your favorite Southern soda in welcome bags or as favors.  Y’all love a particular sports team?  Use jerseys as photo booth props.  The possibilities are endless.

I hope these tips are helpful to find your wedding inspiration!  Are there any resources that you find particularly helpful when finding your inspiration? 


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Choosing Your Wedding Date | Greensboro North Carolina Wedding Planner

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 Congratulations! When is the big day!?” is one of the first things you hear after someone hugs your neck and ohs and ahs over your engagement ring.  If you have no idea how to even begin looking at your calender to select a wedding date, then consider these tips when picking THE date:

1.  Budget: As you start exploring potential date options, always keep your budget in mind.  Certain months (April – October in North Carolina) can be more expensive than others if your potential venue changes their pricing seasonally (if you are not sure, ask!!).  In the “off-season,” certain flowers may be more expensive because they aren’t in season (i.e. peonies in October are pricey because they are out of season).  Some venues (and vendors) have different pricing structures for different days of the week.  Monday through Thursday is definitely the least expensive, with Friday and Sundays being the middle ground.  Saturday evenings are typically the priciest and most popular.  Considering a day time wedding can also save costs.

2. Season: Do you have a particular love of fall foliage?  Or maybe you and your honey enjoy taking walks on balmy summer evenings.  The season you choose could be related to your ideal wedding weather or when your allergies are at their tamest.   If you are set on having an outdoor garden wedding, then you probably shouldn’t decide on a date in December. Also keep in mind that an outdoor wedding in July is going to be hot, hot, hot and the potential for a sudden summer thunderstorm can be stressful.

3. Popular Dates: Holidays and three-day weekends (think Memorial and Labor Day weekends) are very popular for weddings.  This is because it offers the chance for out of town guests to travel without having to take lots of time off work.  Wedding dates on holidays New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are slim pickings with most vendors because of high demand.  Make sure you check around your area for yearly  local events so you don’t plan your wedding then.  For example, Triad, North Carolina brides, you won’t want to have your wedding when High Point Furniture Market is in town because every florist, caterer, and hotel in town is booked [and most likely overwhelmed].

These 3 tips should make your date selection process a little bit easier!! Married folks, any tips on how you selected the big day?