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Ceremony Seating Assignments | Reidsville, NC Wedding Coordinator

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Your wedding reception is always at the top of the planning list when it comes to decisions.  Sometimes your ceremony and the smaller details can fall by the wayside (unless you have a planner of course, WINK!).  One of the things most folks forget about is deciding who sits where at your ceremony.  I am from the school of as long as Mom has the best seat, we can make everything else work.  Sometimes tradition doesn’t work for modern families.  I always meet with my clients to review the etiquette and make a simple ceremony seating chart.  This way your important guests like parents, grandparents, and ushers have  a great seat.  Make sure you do not forget about your readers.  Ensure they can easily get to the aisle and walk to the microphone.  Second or third row aisle seats work best.  I also recommend making place cards to label the seats of everyone in these special seats.  I like to match them to wedding decor as an additional detail, but a simple script with the person’s name on a small piece of paper is fine.  On the flip side, it is very important not to assign too many seats because then it becomes a full on seating chart much like a reception.  This small piece in planning can save you a lot of heartache on the day of the wedding!

Why You Need Wedding Insurance | Winston-Salem NC Wedding Designer


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Though we all hope, pray, and plan for a perfect wedding day, there are unfortunately times where something goes wrong.  The band can break down two hours away from your reception site, a hurricane can force your venue to close, or gifts are stolen.  Wedding insurance can offer you peace of mind (along with a fabulous wedding planner.. WINK WINK) and the knowledge that no matter what happens on the biggest day of your life, your investment is protected.

Wedding insurance is just like renter or home owner insurance.  It protects your investment against circumstance beyond your control like natural disasters.  I met with a MOB (that’s mother of the bride to you non-wedding folks) recently who asked me what happens if the DJ does not show up.  Who is responsible?  This is where a wedding planner and wedding insurance both come in handy.   Your planner covers finding you a new DJ as quickly as humanly possible and your insurance covers the cost of the canceled DJ as well as the new one.

A million dollar policy can run you anywhere from $175-500 on average.  Companies like WedSafe offer an online quote after entering your information.  You can also check with your personal insurance company for an additional quote to compare.  The Knot, as usual, has one of the best articles about wedding insurance, it’s importance, along with lots of other information consider.  Check it out!

Brides, did/do you have wedding insurance? Why or why not?