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Kind Words from the Bride {Brittany} | Chapel Hill NC Wedding Coordinator

I loved working with Brittany and her mom, Robin, on this sweet, Southern wedding!:

When I started planning my wedding, things were all over place. I had a serious conversation with my parents about hiring a wedding planner so we could have a little direction. We found our way to Leigh Pearce and she was absolutely worth every single penny. Leigh provided us with direction and organization, and helped my wedding go off without a hitch! On the day of the wedding, everyone was able to relax and really enjoy the day of festivities! Leigh and her staff were absolutely wonderful! If you are thinking of hiring Leigh, go for it! You absolutely will not regret it!


Chris + Brittany on wedding day!

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Kind Words from the Bride {Katherine} | Raleigh NC Wedding Planner

Truly the wedding of the century as Katherine put it! Loved working with her and Nathan on their lux farm wedding!:

I was wanting a wedding planner as organized as I am because I do events myself for a living. Leigh is just that! She is just as organized and as take charge as I am. She made my design idea come true! We had our wedding on a family farm and it was a pop up wedding in the middle of nowhere and she made it happen. Our family farm is very special to us and we had to get married there. She brought in all of the elements I wanted into the design plan from vintage furniture to the clear top tents. We had a huge wedding with about 350 people, so this was no easy task and she did it with grace and style. She helped calm my nerves with her professionalism, and she thought of every single detail. From her services, I received the wedding of the century, which is what all the attendees were calling it. It was way beyond my wildest dreams! I also received the gift of relaxation. Leigh and her team made everyone in the wedding party and myself feel at ease because we knew everything was taken care of…. I’m a bit of a control freak myself and I totally trusted her, and IT WAS AMAZING.  And as a result, I GOT TO PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG! I got to spend a ton of time with family and friends and hang out at the best party I have ever been too. My advice for those thinking of hiring Leigh . DO IT NOW! IF YOU WANT THE WEDDING YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF! HIRE LEIGH IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE SHE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! SHE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! All of my friends are 30 years old and older so they have been to a ton of weddings and they all say it was the best wedding they have ever been too!! Her knowledge of vendors and planning is bar none the best around, and this is coming from someone who is an event planner and control freak herself.


Katherine + Nathan on wedding day!

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Nice to Meet You! | North Carolina Wedding Planner

If you have moseyed over to this post, it means you want to know a little bit more about me!  I have put together some frequently asked questions about myself and the LPW brand. I would love to get to know YOU! Are you a bride, fellow wedding vendor, or just someone who loves beautiful blooms and happy brides? Either way, I would love to connect and get to know you! Shoot me an email or just say hello on Instagram. I cant wait to hear from you!

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1. Why weddings?  In my family growing up, if you behaved well on a trip to the  grocery store, you got to pick out a special treat.  My sister always went for a candy bar.  Me?  I wanted a wedding magazine.  I had stacks and stacks stowed away under my bed. I would cut out different dresses and centerpieces then tape them together like a story board.    I knew from  a young age that I loved beautiful designs.  But, most importantly, I loved the happy smiling people I saw in my magazines. 

2. How did you get into the business?  I was almost a Spanish teacher. I started my student teaching and was in a room full of tiny people screaming in Spanish ..  and my heart just was not in it. I had always loved hospitality and working in restaurants so I packed my bags and transferred to UNC-Greensboro. I switched majors, joined the Hospitality and Tourism program and two and a half years, one internship, and a lot of hustle later, I graduated!  I started my journey in events working for a local venue as an event manager and then eventually their wedding coordinator. Leigh Pearce Weddings was born out of a lot of hard work, long nights, sweat, and a few tears. But oh so worth it! 

3. What are some of your favorite places you have worked in?  The LPW team and I are based in Greensboro, the heart of NC, and love to travel. The gals and I agree some of our favorites spots we have visited with our dear brides are: Grove Park Inn in Asheville, Duke Chapel in Durham, Graylyn Estate in Winston-Salem, Adaumont Farm in Trinity, Willow Oaks Plantation in Eden, Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, and The Greenbrier in West Virgina. We also all agree that some of our favorite events are hosted at home! Think dreamy tents, lots of twinkle lights, and a million logistics. These events are hard work but the sentiment of being married in a place that means so much to you makes it a favorite!

4. Why Leigh Pearce Weddings and not Leigh Pearce Events?  Simply, I love weddings! I love being able to get to know my clients and their families on a personal level. The care and attention to detail that goes into weddings is what drives me to do what I do. I am also lucky that my clients ask me to plan other wedding related celebrations like engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and bridal showers. Any event that calls for champagne is right up my alley! 

5. Name 5 things we don’t know about you.

1) My boyfriend and I are high school sweethearts and have been dating for .. gasp .. 12 years. We have not been in any rush to get married, although I believe the time is drawing near!

2) I am a serious movie buff and will watch anything other than horror movies. My favorites range from Tombstone to The Little Mermaid to Goodfellas. I will also become ridiculously offended if you have not seen Steel Magnolias. My super power is that I can find a way to bring a SM quote into any conversation. 

3) I think I might actually have salt water in my veins. I absolutely live for the beach and go at least four times a year. For me, sitting on the shore with my feet in the sand is like recharging this inner battery that I didn’t even know needed charging.

4) Bryan and I have two sweet pound puppies and they are our children. Ellie, our energetic pointer mix, loves to bark at anything with a pulse (or wheels) and can do a million tricks. Jake, our persnickety beagle mix, likes to hog the covers and lay at my feet while I work.

5) My office work day essentials include a giant cup of coffee in my favorite Minnie Mouse mug, Kayne’s College Dropout and Otis Redding shuffling on Spotify, and my favorite Rewined candle.

Kind Words from the Bride {Courtney} | Asheville NC Wedding Planner

Courtney and Brian will always have a special place in my heart! I absolutely loved planning with these two and it was such a beautiful weekend in Asheville, NC!:

Leigh Pearce will make dreams you didn’t even know you had, come true. 

Unlike most, I started my wedding planning process with a completely blank slate.  Leigh helps reign in my many ideas and pinterest-drive dreams into a fluid vision. After I lost my original venue, she picked me back up and took me to both ends of the state exploring venue options, always able to take my wedding ideas and make them come to light in each setting. We ended up with a venue in Asheville, NC, and Leigh was able to coordinate and execute an amazing, detail oriented wedding out of the area, with and out of state bride with ease, poise, punctuality and confidence. 

Using her services and skills, I saved time, money, and, most importantly, my mother and I kept our sanity.  Leigh would go out of her way to make concise and productive meetings when I would come into town, would respond promptly and professionally to communications, and dealt with all logistics or issues with grace and completeness.  Leigh always researched thoroughly within my price ranged, presented me with pros and cons to options, and offered her experience and expertise during the planning process. She knew when to let me DYI and give me many choices and when to not. She certainly caters to the bride and groom and gives them the planning experience they want, without the normal stress involved. The day of,I was able to enjoy my friends, family and thrive in such a special moment, all thanks to Leigh Pearce Weddings for creating my perfect little world.

Leigh was and is, truly the hardest working, loving and selfless vendor I have ever worked with before and I am lucky, not only to have had her as a wedding planner, but lucky to have had the chance to get to know her.  I must say, I’m already looking for an excuse to have another event for her to plan! 


Courtney + Brian on wedding day!

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