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How to Give Your Wedding Personality | Asheville NC Wedding Planner

Personalizing your wedding can be a daunting task. There are SO many options out there (I’m looking at you, Pinterest). I’ve shared some of my top tips below to jazz up your wedding from basic to oh-so-you. You’ll see that the overarching theme in all of my tips focus on one major thing: your relationship. Showing your personality translates best when it’s done in an authentic way.

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Family Traditions:  This is a GREAT place to start when it comes to personalizing your big day. Chat with your parents and close family members about your family traditions. Perhaps all the women in your family have worn a certain piece of jewelry. Maybe you can share your favorite recipe with the caterer to incorporate into cocktail hour. The options are endless!

Don’t Be Trendy (Unless It Makes Sense): If you have never touched a mason jar in your life, you probably shouldn’t incorporate them into your place settings. Now, if you grew up canning veggies with your grandmother, then mason jars have a special place in your heart and make total sense for your design. Think through WHY you like what you like and translate it into something that fits with your personality.

Food + Beverage:  Sit down with your betrothed and make a list of all the significant meals you have had together. Think first date, engagement, your favorite Friday night spot, etc.  For example, if you eat burgers and fries every Friday night, then you should deffffnitley have sliders and pomme frites as your late night snack.  If you toasted your engagement with a bottle of your favorite prosecco, then incorporate some bubbles into your bar menu. This list will start to guide you in the right direction and showcase your personality and relationship.

Splurge a Little: I know it is tempting but you don’t HAVE to use all of the items your venue or caterer provides just because they are complimentary. Consider investing in vintage glassware, a textured linen, an upgraded chair.. anything to make your wedding look different than the other 50+ weddings taking place at your venue on any given year.  These small touches will make a world of difference and trust me, your guests will notice.

Music: Quite possibly the easiest way to give your wedding a bit of personality! If you aren’t restricted by your venue (sorry, church ladies), you can have SO much fun with your ceremony music. Youtube is a great research tool. You can typically find instrumental versions of your favorite tunes if you do a little digging.  I also highly recommend checking out artists like Vitamin String Quartet. They cover everything from George Strait to Guns ‘N Roses and everything in between.

Any other tips you can add? How did you incorporate YOUR personality into your own wedding? Share in the comments below!


Leigh Pearce is the owner and creative director of Leigh Pearce Events, a boutique wedding planning and design company specializing in luxury weddings and highly personalized events. LPE is based in Greensboro, NC, and serves all of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and destinations beyond with impeccable and exclusive wedding experiences. Connect with Leigh today at 336-552-5645 or [email protected] about your special event. 


The *Perfect* Wedding Gift | North Carolina Wedding Planner

First, let me preface this post by saying…..

If you are attending a wedding as a guest, please please please get the couple something off of their registry or send them a monetary gift. You think a handmade scrapbook sounds like a great idea, but trust me. The couple would much rather have the china they registered for or some extra cash to spend on the house they just bought.

One of the most popular questions that clients or parents asks me is this:

“What should I get my significant other/parent/daughter/son as a wedding present?
I want it to be unique and special.”

Seems like a tall order but I have the *perfect* solution to this quandary.

the perfect wedding gift

The perfect wedding gift is … drum roll please … artwork!

A commissioned piece of art is truly something special and unique. It becomes an instant heirloom and holds a great deal of sentimental value. All great things when it comes to wedding presents. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite wedding artists and ideas so you can gift the special person in your life with the *perfect* wedding gift!

1. Bouquet:  Lauren Skunta is my wedding design crush. She creates the most amazing custom installations for weddings across the nation and recently has added bouquet artwork to her repertoire. She offers custom sketches and paintings of wedding bouquets that are to die for. You could gift the bride-to-be with a beautiful card to let her know that post-wedding, a commissioned painting of her blooms will be headed her way.

Check out Lauren’s work here.

the perfect wedding gift

2. Venue: I took my own advice on this one! For my own wedding, I commissioned a watercolor of our venue from sweet Laurie Duncan of Carolina Delight. I had two high quality prints made for my mom and Bryan’s parents and have the original on display in our home. I was so pleased with the result!

Check out Laurie’s work here.

the perfect wedding gift

3. The Couple: An art piece doesn’t have to be what is traditionally done – painting, sketch, etc. Depending on your style, a cool custom graphic design may be just what you are looking for. I love Miss Design Berry for this. They create the most amazing custom prints, guest books, you name it. I have even commissioned a custom snap chat filter from them!

Check out Miss Design Berry’s work here.

the perfect wedding gift

4. Vows: This one is on my wish list. Jessica Peddicord is the most amazing watercolor artist and can seriously do an.yyy.thinggg. In addition to offering custom invitations and work, she creates the beautiful watercolor vows you see here. These would also make the *perfect* first anniversary gift (hint, hint husband of mine: year one is paper!).

Check out Jessica’s work here.

(Photo by Callie of Nancy Ray Photography)


5. Live Artist: Hiring a live artist to paint a scene from your wedding, on site, would be SO fun. Not only do you reap the benefits of receiving a beautiful piece of art to place in your home, but you also offer something interesting and different for your guests to observe during the ceremony or reception. Southern couples, one of my favorite artists for hire is Ben with Wed On Canvas. I love his style and, bonus, he can also make your painting into beautiful note cards and prints if you want to share the love!

Check out Ben’s work here.

the perfect wedding gift

So, what do you think? Do you agree that artwork is the *perfect* wedding gift? I would love to hear some of your favorite ideas too. Share in the comments below!


Leigh Pearce is the owner and creative director of Leigh Pearce Events, a boutique planning and design company specializing in luxury weddings and highly personalized events. LPE is based in Greensboro, NC, and serves all of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and destinations beyond with impeccable and exclusive wedding experiences. Connect with Leigh today at 336-552-5645 or [email protected] about your special event. 

Kind Words from the Parents of the Bride | Winston-Salem, NC Wedding Planner

I absolutely adore this sweet family! Brooke’s parents, Jenny and Doug, were so sweet to share some kind words with me after the wedding day:

Special Day. We just wanted to thank Leigh for making it just that – a very special day for our daughter and her new husband. We know Leigh is in high demand and does weddings almost every week, but last weekend was the only one Brooke & Jordan, and all of our family, will ever experience. And we appreciate everything Leigh and her group did to make it both unique and exclusive – as if it was a once in a lifetime event for her as well! Could not have been more perfect.


Brooke + Jordan with Brooke’s parents on wedding day!

Megan Travis Photography

Friendsgiving | Greensboro NC Corporate Event Planner


When I made the brand shift from Leigh Pearce Weddings to Leigh Pearce Events, it was because of my heart for events like Friendsgiving. Weddings are our soul at LPE, but corporate, social, and non-profit events are our heart.

Last fall, I worked with The Friends of Greensboro Downtown Parks to plan a Friendsgiving Feast in Center City Park and LeBauer Park. The committee and I worked together to create a festive evening with a progressive dinner, fabulous per usual thanks to 1618 On Location, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Center City and the launch of the much awaited, LeBauer Park. The proceeds raised from this event benefited free community programming in these two parks.

If you are interested in partnering with Leigh Pearce Events on your Greensboro, Winston-Salem, or High Point event, please contact us at 336-552-5645 or [email protected]

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Production: Leigh Pearce Events | Photography: Lynn Donovan | Location: Center City Park + Lebauer Park | Rentals: The Prettiest Pieces + Southern Event Rental | Catering: 1618 On Location

Featured on Pop Sugar | North Carolina Wedding Planner

2017 weddings are in full swing and while I don’t fancy myself a trend follower, there are definitely some great looks popping up this year! Pop Sugar was so kind to ask for my thoughts, alongside some other amazing planners and designers, on this year’s hottest wedding decor trends. Hop over and check it out!