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I am really excited and honored that our LPW brides are so happy with our services and take the time after their big day to brag on us.  It totally makes every drop of sweat, a few tears along the way, and every ounce of hard work worth it.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Guests’ Experience | Greensboro, NC Event Planner


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One of the best ways to plan your wedding is to think about everything from a guest’s perspective.  From parking to event flow to dining, you want to make sure that your friends and family are comfortable, happy, and dancing the night away.  Here are some of my favorite ways to enhance your guests’ experience and throw the ultimate party:

Welcome Bags: If the majority of your guests are coming from out of town, it is a good idea to make welcome bags for them. A welcome bag could include an itinerary of the weekend plans with where to be and at what time. It should also have a list of restaurants or places of interest that they could check out before or after the day of the wedding so they can make the most out of their trip. Another great touch to include some drinks and snacks (maybe a NC theme with Krispy Kreme and Sundrop?).  It really shows how much you appreciate them making the trip to share in the wedding bliss when you take time out of your day to give them a piece of your home and theirs.

Libations: If you choose to have alcohol at your event, make sure it is an open bar policy meaning your guests do not pay for their drinks.  You can serve beer and wine, a full bar with everything you can think of available, a series of signature drinks, or all the above.  Think of it this way: you wouldn’t invite someone to your house and tell them that a glass of wine is $6.50, now would you? Also, make sure to offer some sort of transportation if you have lots of guests staying at a near by hotel or cab information on a sign at the bar.

Technology:  A small but extremely useful touch would be to add a charging station for cell phones in an inconspicuous place like a coat room. No one wants their phone to die right after the cocktail hour begins and cause them to miss the opportunity to capture all the Tweetable moments to come.  Add a small sign that lets guests know the rules and whereabouts on a bar.  Also, for your tech and social media lovin’ pals, create a special wedding hash tag so everyone can relive the day over mimosas Sunday morning.  Just remember that sometimes technology can get in the way of folks actually enjoying themselves.  Everything in moderation, people.

Activities: Offer your guests more to do than just drinking, dining, and dancing.  Not everyone enjoys dancing and dinner only lasts an hour.  Alternative activities will keep your party going longer and really add something unique to your day.  A photo booth is win-win because your guests not only have a blast being silly, but you get to keep all the photos.  You could also host a cigar bar with someone hand rolling fresh cigars, offer games like corn hole, mad libs at each place setting, activities on the kiddie table …. the possibilities are endless!

Climate: You never know if it is going to rain on your wedding day, so have an indoor plan and then go the extra mile!  Plan for someone to go out and buy umbrellas for guests so they do not get soaked walking into the venue. Also, have someone be in charge of carrying gifts and cards to where they need to be.  If you want to go even further, have a person that shuttles guests from the parking lot area to the cocktail/reception space so they don’t get caught in the rain whatsoever. It will certainly leave a positive impression on the guests and allow them to enjoy the day to the fullest, even if the weather was uncooperative.