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Wedding Day Do’s + Don’ts | Winston Salem North Carolina Wedding Planner

Proximity Hotel New Year's Eve Wedding by Leigh Pearce Weddings, Greensboro Wedding Planner

Whitebox Photography | Carrie + Gregg’s New Year’s Eve Wedding at Proximity Hotel, Greensboro, North Carolina

There are a million and one wonderfully happy things happening on a wedding day… especially for the bride! As the bride, you have to balance speaking with all your guests, busting a few dance moves, saying “I do,” all while trying to savor every moment of the day. I’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts to help you throughout your big day!

Do…Pack your bag for the wedding night ahead of time.

Do…Make a shot list of family and friends that you want photos with.

Do…Create an iPod playlist for the morning of the wedding so you can jam while getting dolled up.

Do…Allow extra time for appointments. Hair and makeup always takes a longer than you think.

Do…Take the time to dance your face off with your best girlfriends.

Do…Wear something comfortable on the morning of the wedding that will look fab in photos. A monogrammed button down is always a favorite!

Do…Eat the yummy food on the menu that took you weeks to select.

Do…Drink out of a glass instead of a bottle or can. It looks better in pictures and is the Southern belle thing to do.

Don’t…Drink red wine. It’s not worth the risk of someone bumping into you and spilling on your white gown.

Don’t…Forget to eat breakfast and lunch. No one likes a unconscious, dehydrated bride.

Don’t…Try to do everything yourself. Ask for help and delegate, delegate, delegate!

Don’t…Forget to take it all in. Stop throughout the day, take a breath, and look around. It’s going to go by so fast.

And the most important rule of them all, stay calm. Nothing is the end of the world as long as you marry your best friend!

Real Wedding at Proximity Hotel {Natosha + Justin} | Greensboro North Carolina Wedding Planner

I know I say this a lot, but Natosha and Justin’s Proximity Hotel wedding in Greensboro was one of my all time favorites.  It was an absolutely perfect day without a single hiccup or cloud in the sky.  Natosha and Justin’s love for one another is palpable and Holly and I were simply honored to witness their day.  I was completely head over heels for every last detail from the custom menu cards we created to the gorgeous textured bouquets to Natosha’s “blue suede shoes” to the herb and boxwood aisle marker wreaths that smelled amazing.  My favorite detail was our gold feather ceiling installation.  It was absolutely stunning and caught the light in the most beautiful way.  Julie Livingston captured every fabulous detail and soul touching moment.

Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 1 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 18 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 5 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 19 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 6 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 7 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 17 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 10 grimes (669 of 1420) Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 12 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 31 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 11 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 25 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 24 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 22 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 39 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 27 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 36 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 34 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 35 Proximity Hotel Wedding Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce Weddings 38

Planning, Coordination, Design: Leigh Pearce Weddings | Photography: Julie Livingston Photography |  Venue + Catering: Proximity Hotel | Hair + Makeup: Carla White | Film: 21 Films | Florist: Brenda McLamb of Proximity Hotel | DJ: K2 Productions | Cake: Maxie B’s | Officiant: Rev. G

What Makes a Wedding Planner a Pro? | Winston Salem North Carolina Wedding Planner

Hodgin Valley Vintage Wedding, Leigh Pearce Weddings

Anna Paschal Photography | Sidney + Shawn’s Wedding at Hodgin Valley Farm, Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

You may decide that hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator is not for you (and that’s totally ok, even though I think you deserve one!). But y’all, if you decide to hire a wedding planner, make sure they are the real deal.

So, in the age where everyone you meet is a ‘wedding planner’, how do you tell who is legit? Here’s 5 easy ways to tell who’s who:

1. Experience: Experience is everything. Hire a wedding planner that has actually planned weddings for paying clients from beginning to end. They will know how to roll with the punches, make last minute decisions, and what vendors are great to work with. When interviewing planners, ask about their experience (even outside of weddings), how many weddings they have planned to date, and how many they are currently planning.

2. Education: Experience is the best educator, but for a wedding planner, a formal education is important too. The most popular ‘schooling’ that wedding planners have is from a certification course. Planners can take a course online or at a local college within a few months. These are a great starter for those who haven’t ever been involved with event planning. Another option (and my personal preference!) is a college degree in a related field. For example, I have my Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I took classes in catering, event planning, and business communication (to name a few) and was required to participate in a semester long internship. For me, taking Hospitality, Tourism, and Business courses gave me a full scope of the event planning industry. Business, public relations, and design are also great majors for those interested in wedding planning.

3. Day to Day Operations: Is wedding planning this person’s full time job? Everyone has to pay the bills, but if they have another full time job, how can they adequately focus on you and your needs? Your planner needs to be able to make phone calls and contact vendors during the work day when businesses are open. Do they have systems in place that work well and make your life easier? Do they respond to emails and phone calls within 24-48 hours?

4. Research: Do your due diligence as a consumer and research! Think of it like buying a car: you need to research online several different options, read the reviews, and then go for a test drive. Most planners have testimonials and referrals so you can see past client experiences. Read the reviews on their website and on an outside resource like Wedding Wire. Also, follow anyone you are interested in working with on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and their blog. Do they use these sites consistently to connect with their audience or do they just hop on the social media band wagon when they feel like it? You can see how they interact with others, peruse their portfolios, and get some planning advice. Consistency and credibility matters.

5. Personality: Great wedding planners should have certain personality traits. They should have a sense of humor, be able to think on their feet, know that the event is not all about them, be able to command people’s attention when necessary but also blend into the background, and be a people person… just to name a few. If you get the feeling that someone is a control freak or bossy, they probably won’t mesh well with you. Planners should work with you not against you.

There are a few exceptions to these rules (aren’t there always?), but I encourage you to use these 5 tips when interviewing planners. There are even some nifty lists floating around online that you can print out to ask the next time you meet with one. I know I always love a bride that comes prepared!!

Yes Weekly 2013 Winner! | Greensboro, North Carolina Wedding Planner

Yes Weekly Best of 2013, Triad Wedding Planner

The Triad’s Best Awards are voted upon so I never in a million years thought I was even a contender.  I couldn’t be more honored or humbled because we have some top notch folks in this area.  I spent a good part of my Friday afternoon doing a happy dance and it was the perfect start to one of my weekend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to those that chose to include me in their voting for their favorite Triad businesses.  You will never know how much it means to me.

Drink Up! | Reidsville North Carolina Wedding Planner

Signature Drink Ideas

Anna Paschal Photography | Mary Anna + Weston’s Wedding at Adaumont Farm, Trinity, North Carolina

When it comes to alcohol service at weddings, there are several options that can make your guests happy. Brides are working with limited budgets especially in these uncertain economic times, and alcohol can be a major expense at the reception. Cash bars are tacky and not received well by guests, so here are some other options for having alcohol at your wedding. You can work with your caterer or reception venue to make sure you’re staying within your budget.

Flat Rate: A flat rate bar option means that there is a per-person bar fee for those who will be consuming alcohol. The price will vary depending on the venue and alcohol being offered. This option works best if you know your guests are going to party down (aka drink a lot!) and will get you the most bang for your buck. The catch with flat rate is that you have to include all guests over 21 in your count even if you know they won’t drink.

Consumption: In the consumption bar option, the bill at the end of the night will be based on how much alcohol was consumed. It’s just like you’re opening a bar tab for all of your guests and you will be billed afterwards by the bartender. Under a consumption bar, you are still able to limit the types of alcohol served (top shelf vs. house brand) and how long the bar is open. All of this can be negotiated with the caterer or bartending service. This option works best if you don’t have heavy drinkers attending your wedding and are serving a limited amount of alcohol.

Signature Drinks: I love a specialty cocktail! This has been a big trend for several years and offers your guests one or two signature alcoholic drinks for the reception that represent you and your hubby or your wedding ‘style.’ You can pair your signature drink(s) with an open bar for wine and beer, with a full bar, or just offer them during cocktail hour as a special touch. Signature drinks can also create a great display at the reception so consider them when you discuss design!

Regardless of how you decide to serve your guests libations, make sure you are educated on all your options. Talk with your caterer and venue about what would work best for you!

Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dress | Winston Salem NC Wedding Planner


Anna Pascal Photography

It’s definitely a daunting task to pick out the perfect dress for you.. let along 6 of your best friends. Trying to select a dress in a style and color that flatters all of your best friends may make you want to flee the scene but this important decision doesn’t have to be painful. The first big decision to make in the hunt for perfect bridesmaid dress is whether you want all of your bridesmaids in the same dress or if you want them to pick their own (complementary, of course) dress style.

Contrasting dress styles can really work for your bridesmaids. All of the dresses can be different but they work together seamlessly. Allowing your bridesmaids to select their own dress style allows each of your friends to be comfortable. Selecting this option may be a good idea if your bridesmaids are various sizes. Just make sure all of the chosen styles are in keeping with the vibe of your wedding, whatever that may be. Keeping the same color and length for the dresses is also important for cohesion.  Of course, the more traditional route is for all your bridesmaid dresses all match. They can be girly, vintage, short, floor-length.. anything your heart desires!

So how do you figure out what kind of dress you should select for your favorite ladies? Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

1. The Cut: Empire waists are a good starting point as they flatter pretty much any body type. Strapless are great but remember that your busty friends may need more support.

2. The Color: Be conscious of your bridesmaids’ skin tones and choose an appropriate color. Rich colors like royal purple and emerald green tend to flatter all skin tones while pastels compliment darker tones. If your maids are fair skinned, you may want to opt for colors that are towards the dark end of the spectrum to avoid looking washed out.

3. Their Opinion: Value your friends’ opinions when selecting their dresses. If you take their feelings into account, everyone will be happier and it will show in the photos. That being said, don’t let them plow over your feelings.. remember, it’s YOUR big day. Balance, people, balance.

Whether you decide to have all your bridesmaids wear the same dress or allow them to choose their own style, sit a spell and take a breath. Your wedding day will be fabulous not matter what your gals are wearing.

Wedding Day Rain Plan | Greensboro North Carolina Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Day Rain Plan, Adaumont Farm Wedding, Autumn Song Photography, Greensboro North Carolina Wedding Planner, Leigh Pearce Weddings

Autumn Song Photography | Lindsey + Chris’s Wedding at Adaumont Farm, Trinity, North Carolina

For all of y’all who may be hoping (and praying and crossing your fingers!) for sunshine on your wedding day, make sure that you have a great rain plan.. just in case. Better to be prepared than scrambling around like a chicken with your head cut off.

If you plan on having your wedding ceremony or reception (or both!) outside, be sure to have a back up plan in case of inclement weather like high winds, rain, or even a tornado. Ask any Triad, NC wedding vendor about April 16, 2011. Tornado warnings, wind, and rain like you wouldn’t believe. Good thing we had good back up plans! If you decide on renting a tent as back up, be sure you have the option of putting the sides down and know how far in advance you have to make the decision. Some venues can’t and won’t do it within a few hours of the wedding.

Rainy wedding days make for some gorgeous photos! The overcast sky provides softer lighting and you have so many opportunities to show your personality. Colorful umbrellas and rain boots are a must!

Next, because I have to say it .. having a wedding planner or coordinator will be essential if you have inclement weather the day of your wedding. You can still focus on getting ready and not worry about how the plan comes together. There is a saying that rain on your wedding day is good luck.. I have no doubt that wedding planner made that up.

Last but most importantly, take a breath. No matter what the weather is, it is still your wedding day. Celebrate with your closest friends and family, remain calm and have fun! Seriously, do you want to ruin your night sulking in the bathroom or dance in the rain with your new hubby?