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The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator? | Greensboro North Carolina Wedding Planner

The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator, Greensboro, NC Wedding Planner

Liz Grogan Photography | Susan + Ben’s Wedding at Adaumont Farm, Trinity, North Carolina

I’m always asked, “What exactly is the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner?” Read up on my definitions of the two roles and why they’re both important.

Wedding Coordinator: A wedding coordinator is a person who is there to coordinate and direct your wedding day. They will be there to do the hands on work for the rehearsal and the wedding. The coordinator is there to make sure that everything you planned for last three hundred sixty five days goes perfectly. All details are overseen by the coordinator. This include vendor management, making sure photographs are being taken of all the special moments, putting the bridal party in all the right places, and countless other tasks.

Wedding Planner: Wedding planners organize and execute the planning of a wedding. They can be hired at any point in the wedding planning process. Some brides start with a planner from the very beginning and some jump on board with only a few months left to go. Planners visit vendors, negotiate prices, help develop your wedding style, control budgets, offer advice, and more. The list of what a wedding planner can do for you is endless.

The coordinator and the planner can certainly be the same person (a la, me!) and help you from planning to the actual execution of the wedding day.  Planners and coordinators are also sometimes considered stylists and designers (although, this is not always the case).  I recommend when interviewing planners and coordinators for your big day, ask what their definition of these roles are!

Ceremony Rehearsal Tips | Greensboro North Carolina Wedding Coordinator

Ceremony Rehearsal Tips, Rustic Country Wedding, Greensboro High Point Wedding Planner

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Ceremony rehearsal is unfortunately one of those wedding planning tasks that often gets overlooked or under-planned for.  Although, nothing replaces a professional coordinator who has a great system down pat, here are my tips on planning for and running a quick and painless rehearsal:

-You should discuss who walks with who, music, and the order of events with your director ahead of time (whether that is your officiant, church director, or handy dandy wedding planner/coordinator).  I have found that most church coordinators figure it out at rehearsal and this creates chaos.  Everyone puts in there opinions and you get no where quick.  Make your director/coordinator talk with you prior!

-Know who you want sitting on the first two to three rows/pews and assign these seats ONLY.  Usually, it’s parents, grandparents, readers, and ushers.  I actually label them to make it easier on everyone.

-Ask everyone to arrive to rehearsal early.  If you want to start at 4 PM, tell folks to be there at 3:45 PM.

-Make sure to run through the actual ceremony and not just the procession/recessional.  The bouquet hand off, ring exchange, and unity candle ceremony can be a bit tricky with nervous hands so practicing helps tremendously.

-Figure out who has the rings and marriage license.  Go ahead and give your officiant the license and figure out who will hold/be responsible for the rings.

-Make sure to take time to review the time line for the actual wedding day with the group.  Review hair and make up times, when/where everyone should be dressed, transportation, and the like.  Also, remind everyone not to call you, the bride, if a problem arises.  That’s what planners are for!!